Letter to the Editor: Unlawful leadership


    Caleb Proulx broke the Honor Code. I accept that and, more importantly, he accepts that. He did not act in defiance of the Honor Code, but despite the Honor Code. At times we may have ethical standards which conflict; in such cases the honorable thing to do is follow what we believe to be the higher standard. This is what Proulx did.

    Proulx broke the law. Again, he accepts that and the consequences. There is an important distinction that must be made here. Unlawful behavior and criminal behavior are not the same. Proulx’s actions were in no way criminal. To be unlawful in a peaceable manner with ethical cause is called “civil disobedience”.

    Proulx used the media to promote his ideas. Is this a bad thing? I hope not. There’s a difference between seeking publicity and utilizing the media to spread an idea. Indeed, such a big one that I don’t think I need to elaborate. I cannot speak for Proulx, but I don’t think he got himself arrested simply because he hoped to be expelled from the university. He afterwards reported himself to the Honor Code office because it was the correct thing to do. He accepted the consequences of his actions without external prompting. This only raises my respect for him.

    In summary, Proulx’s choices and actions were ethical. They may not be the same choices you or I would have made, but that does not make them wrong. Proulx, I don’t necessarily subscribe to your political views, but I salute you.


    Santa Fe, N.M.

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