Elder Dennis B. Neuenschwander emphasizes sacrifice, sacredness


    By Emily Haleck

    Elder Dennis B. Neuenschwander of the Quorum of the Seventy addressed the importance of standing in holy places, particularly our homes, sacrament meetings and temples.

    At a time when desolation and perplexity abounds, Elder Neuenschwander said holy places are essential to the proper worship of God.

    “The importance of holy places and sacred places in our worship can hardly be overestimated,” he said.

    Holy places are distinguished by the sacrifice they require, Elder Neuenshwander said. One cannot have sacredness without first sacrificing something for it.

    “Sacrifice sanctifies the sacred,” he said.

    Speaking of his experience sitting in the Sacred Grove, Elder Neuenschwander told of sacred places inspiring faith and providing encouragement, despite challenges that may cross our paths.

    Elder Neuenschwander first focused on homes as sacred places that can be filled with spirit of Lord.

    Homes must be founded upon the teachings of Jesus Christ and require personal sacrifice, he said. Families should evaluate whether any repentance is needed or if anything needs to be forsaken.

    Sacrament meetings were the second sacred place Elder Neuenschwander spoke of.

    It is during this time that people can “reflect on the most merciful act of sacrifice this world has ever known,” he said.

    “We express our willingess to take His name up on us and keep his commandments,” Elder Neuenschwander said.

    Without this spiritual renewal, he said faith is easily overcome by the secular and profane.

    The third sacred place spoken of by Elder Neuenschwander was temples.

    “They are among the most sacred of all places on earth,” he said.

    Temples require personal sacrifice of time to do genealogy and temple work. They also require sacrifice in upholding standards to allow one to be worthy to enter.

    “Respect the holy and sacred in our lives,” Elder Neuenschwander said. “Let us all stand in holy and sacred places of spiritual peace.”

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