SLOC offers free olympic tickets to Medals Plaza


    By Mary Cordova

    The Salt Lake Olympic Committee is offering free Olympic tickets to Utah County residents.

    SLOC is providing 20,000 free tickets for each night of the award ceremonies. Utah County are going to receive 880 of those free tickets.

    Originally the plan was to just distribute the tickets. However, Michael Mower, spokesperson for Provo City said, “A drawing open to all Utah County residents seemed like the most fair way to go.”

    He said they wanted to avoid the long lines and huge crowds that would show up for the free tickets.

    Residents can register for the drawing by filling out a form. It is available at Provo City Hall in the Municipal Council Offices and at the Utah County Visitor”s Center.

    Each person may only enter once. If, during the drawing, a duplicate name is drawn, the individual will be disqualified.

    A drawing will then be broadcast on live television from the Provo City Municipal Council Chambers on Provo Cable Channel 42 beginning at one p.m. Friday on Jan. 25.

    The winners will be able to check their names on or The Provo Municipal Council offices will hold tickets for one week for winners to claim. Each of 440 winners will receive two free tickets each.

    Jenny Mortensen, 21, an Accounting senior from St. Anthony said, “I think it”s a wonderful opportunity for students who can”t afford tickets to have a chance to go to the Olympic games.”

    The free tickets are for attendance to the Awards Medal Plaza on Wednesday, Feb. 13 in Salt Lake City. Olympic medals that will be awarded that evening will be for K120 Individual Ski Jumping, Men”s 10km Sprint Biathlon, Men”s Combined Alpine Skiing, and the Women”s 7.5 Sprint Biathlon.

    A local band will perform at 7:30 preceding the awards presentation. Following the awards presentation the band Barenaked Ladies will be performing approximately at 9:00. At 10:00, a fireworks show will finish off the evening.

    Kami Peterson, 21, a senior from Wilford, Idaho majoring elementary education said, “I was disappointed in an earlier chance I had to get tickets. I hope to be a lucky winner this time though.”

    No phone requests or faxes will be accepted. The winners will not have coordinated busses to attend the event. However, information on shuttle services, Trax light rail, and Park and Ride locations from UVSC to downtown Salt Lake will accompany the winning tickets.

    Hazel Dunsmore of the Provo Municipal Council office said, “We hope any and all Utah County residents who would like to attend will enter the drawing.”

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