Playhouses on Parade hosted at Thanksgiving Point


    By Brenya Smith

    Not unlike the Parade of Homes that is currently under way in Utah, Thanksgiving Point is having its own Parade of Homes – of play homes that is.

    Thanksgiving Point teamed up with Ronald McDonald House Charities and local builders to create Playhouses on Parade, said Paul Eddington, public relations manager for Thanksgiving Point.

    “Because we have wonderful children venues out here we thought we ought to do a parade of homes with playhouses for children,” Eddington said. Deanne Shields from Springville took her four kids to see the playhouses.

    “I think it”s fun they are letting the kids play in the them. You can tell it”s a popular event,” Shields said. Eddington asked different builders in the valley to donate a play home. This is the first year of the venture and 15 homes were received.

    A lighthouse, fire station, schoolhouse and various homes in all different styles and models line up in town square style north of the new Thanksgiving Garden Visitor Center, Eddington said.

    “We opened up the parade of homes for children to come in and play in the homes. They have a chance to see them and kind of have a unique experience in that way,” Eddington said. The parade is free, but those who want can enter into a drawing to win their favorite home by donating to the Ronald McDonald House Charity, he said.

    Ronald McDonald House is currently raising funds for their new house in Salt Lake City. “What we are doing now is people who come and want to contribute to the charity are given a little ticket and they can put their name and address on the ticket and put it in the mailbox of the house that they like best,” Eddington said.

    “It”s such a neat charity. I would donate anyway, even without the playhouses,” Shields said. Her favorite house is the General Store along with a purple and yellow two-story house. A drawing will be held in September to determine the winners.

    “The homes are the story. They are just darling homes. There”s been a lot of work that has gone into these,” Eddington said.

    Roxanne Brenchley from American Fork has one son and thinks the event is a good thing for kids. “The chance to win a house makes it even better,” Brenchley said.

    The parade started July 24 and runs until September 3, 2001. Hours are from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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