Letter to the Editor: Sticking up for the landscaping crew


    Dear Editor,

    Some people at BYU have to work. Others unfortunately do not.

    Myself and a few others have to work. That hill that most students climb, Maiser Hill, is a very beautiful place. A few students recently complained about its upkeep in this forum.

    They must not even try to see what the gardeners are doing. I for one know that the gardeners work very hard. They try and keep everything looking very nice.

    To set the record straight I do not work as a gardener, but I know them.

    I see two options that can help this situation.

    The first is that those students who have complaints about the upkeep should join the gardening/landscaping crew and fix it themselves.

    Or they should be a good member of the BYU society and do a service project on the hill. If those are not options that you want to take then quit complaining and/or find another route up the hill.

    I want to thank the landscaping crew for Maiser Hill. They do an excellent job. They deserve a raise. Keep the landscape looking beautiful for all to enjoy.

    Ivan Mangum


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