Crookston tells Devotional audience how to receive blessings


    By Darin Allison

    R. Kent Crookston, dean of BYU?s College of Biology and Agriculture told students at the Mar. 20 devotional how to get blessings.

    ?All that the Father has will be ours if we receive the servants of the Fathers son,? Crookston said.

    He discussed corn yields and the rotation affect to help bring home the message.

    The rotation affect says that yields will be minimal if the corn is grown in the same place year after year. By rotating the crop placement, yields can be increased.

    ?Rotating corn always gave the best yield,? Crookston said. ?We were never able to determine why this occurs; We accepted that we were working with a law of nature.?

    ?Like the corn rotation affect, I don?t fully understand this [Lord?s numerous blessings],? Crookston said. ?How such a modest qualifier can result in so numerous blessings.?

    Crookston related five stories about the blessings he personally gained through receiving the Lord?s servants.

    He told a mission story about a New Zealander name Jimmy Solomon.

    Solomon, an inactive member of a local branch, was surprisingly called to be the next Branch President.

    ?Only two hands sustained him,? Crookston said. ?I had never witnessed such a thing. What do they do now??

    Eventually, the High Priest Group gathered and decided it was their duty to sustain Solomon, Crookston said.

    Having the support of the branch changed Solomon?s life.

    ?He started acting like the leader the Lord knew he was,? Crookston said.

    In conclusion, Crookston said, ?I believe the servants of the Lord are all around us. We have the opportunity to receive them every day.?

    Crookston also related how blessings go both ways. ?Both the one who does the receiving and the one who does the blessing are blessed.?

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