Letter to the Editor: No party seems to be a good one


    Dear Editor,

    With the upcoming presidential election looming over the horizon, I am left once more with a less than optimal choice to make. Libertarian, Green, Republican, Democrat, Socialist or Constitutional — to which party do I subscribe? Fortunately, my state has reduced my choice to four, so I do not have to be fully informed on what the various parties represent.

    Furthermore, the media has narrowed it down to two for me, so the challenge is even easier. Thank goodness for David Letterman and Larry King or the vast majority of Americans might be in the dark on what the important issues really are.

    My problem: I do not subscribe to any party closely enough to dare wear their name. I want to know what happened to the categorical imperative of Immanuel Kant, the virtue of Socrates or the “Golden Rule” of the New Testament.

    I have a son. He is five months old. I am not sure where we justify robbing an unborn child of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I have a family. I want to protect them, but do I really need a gun to do so? Guns in the home seem to be more responsible for killing people in those homes than for protecting those people from intruders. If I were a gun owner, I would much rather have my guns taken from my live, warm hands than “my cold, dead (ones).”

    And so it is. I am left with this dilemma. Do I vote for the party that wants to destroy us with RU486 or the party that wants to kill us with an AK47? I do not have the answer. For now, I guess I am just a liberal Republican or a conservative Democrat, which ever offends you least.

    Sean Hawkins

    Augusta, Ga.

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