Icecats get stomped by Aggies


    By Cameron Baughman

    Saturday proved to be a day of reckoning for the Provo Icecats who got beat 11-2, a loss nothing short of a massacre.

    Under the lights of the Utah State University Icesheet arena, the Icecats became Ice-Kittens after getting manhandled by the Aggies.

    Provo remained competitive through a period and a half of play, lagging only one goal behind USU with a score of 3-2.

    Nate Orr, a right wing for the Icecats, tacked up the first goal, blowing a slap shot past the USU goalie in the first period.

    Provo’s final goal of the night came in the second period when Ryan Baughman, another right wing for the Icecats, snagged Greg Ingram’s rebound and quickly popped it past the goaltender. Then the wheels fell off.

    Midway through the second period the warn and weary felines collapsed under the pressure of the Aggies, giving up nine goals in the remaining period and a half.

    “Our greatest weakness is our lack of conditioning,” said Ryan Baughman who plays right wing for the Icecats. “If you look at the first two games the score was very close through the first period and a half, then fatigue set in.”

    Defender John Crowley was out of town, while Ben Edgson was suspended from the game after illegally checking a player in the previous game.

    The Icecats will have a chance for revenge against USU this Friday, Oct. 20, at home.

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