Letter to the Editor: Start writing about real issues


    Dear Editor,

    It is amazing to me that, in a presidential election year, there is so much attention paid to such trivialities as the clothes others are wearing, the rings statues aren’t wearing and the example Julie is setting on MTV’s “Real World” — all on the editorial page of a university’s newspaper.

    How many of you intellectually stimulating and thought-provoking letter-to-the-editor writers even know who’s running for president this year? How many of you know whom your congressman is? How many of you know what FICA (those four letters to which so much money from your hard-earned paycheck goes every two weeks) is? How many of you know what you can do about the real political and social problems this world is facing? How many of you have ideas deeper and more significant about society and what can be done to improve it than the self-righteous and immature calls to repentance that you call “Letters to the Editor?”

    Stop being so petty and judgmental. Open up a newspaper and get involved in issues that will do more for you than build your own self esteem and alienate you from others. The Daily Universe is a newspaper, not an abuse-paper. Act like it is, at least.

    Jim Jeffries

    Valencia, Calif.

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