Men’s lacrosse team has rough weekend


    By Amber Albrecht

    So maybe the BYU men’s lacrosse team had a bad night.

    Try three bad nights.

    Friday the team was scheduled to play Colorado, but the game was canceled because of weather. It was snowing in Denver. In retrospect, a blizzard for the entire weekend would have been nice.

    Saturday the Coug’s battled Colorado State, but couldn’t muster many points and lost as the final score was 21-11 for the Rams.

    “We started out well,” team captain Tom Hawes said. “We played good in the first and fourth quarters, but we gave them a huge second quarter. We just made too many mental mistakes and it wasn’t an indication of what we can do.”


    BYU was head-to-head with Colorado until they allowed the Rams a ten-point run in the second quarter.

    “They wanted it more than we did,” goalie Dave Johnson said. “There is no excuse for our loss, except that we lacked the discipline level to show up and do what we needed to do.”

    BYU headed into the weekend as number four in the league, and lost to a team trailing them in the rankings. Then to top it all off, the Cougars fell 11-8 to Colorado College, a varsity team, on Monday night.

    “Colorado College was a better game,” senior Jared Young said. “We played pretty well, but we still weren’t where we should’ve been. We should’ve won.”

    Considering that this group of men may be the most talented lacrosse team to ever wear BYU blue, they certainly should have won. The team’s league record rests even at 1-1. “In lacrosse if everyone is making mistakes it doesn’t just add up, it multiplies,” Hawes said.

    Saturday the Cougars take on Utah State University at Logan, and if the Cougars have learned anything from this experience, you can rest assured, there will be no multiplication.

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