Letter to the editor: Embrace all types of people


    Dear Editor:

    I totally agree with Tuesday’s letter concerning the intrinsic rights of people, particularly homosexuals, that are being ignored and violated. As the author pointed out, even today many of us continue to oppress others merely because their chosen lifestyles differ from our own, even though groups like homosexuals have existed as long as people have. Clearly, it’s wrong to deny gays or anyone else the right to pursue happiness in their own way.

    But in order to have any effect, these vague sentiments must be translated into something concrete. The first step is obvious: We must legalize gay marriage. This will pave the way for other barriers to gay rights to fall. One group that is often overlooked is the unpopular and mistreated pedophiles. If we’re to be fair, sexual relationships between adults and children should be sanctioned by the state just like any other. After all, we can’t deny anyone their right to pursue happiness just because they’re different. Certainly, too, we really need to quit oppressing those who find animals attractive. Society gives them the impression that their desires are bad, and that can hurt their feelings.

    In the past I always entertained the foolish notion that we had to draw lines somewhere defining what was acceptable, and that everyone should try to fight against so-called temptations to deviate from what’s right. But now I know that such talk is nonsense. We should embrace all types of people and cease this ridiculous repression of homosexuals, pedophiles, prostitutes, exhibitionists, sadists, abusers, murderers, satanists, and other minority groups who have existed as long as anyone and live in the same free country we do.

    James Nickerson

    Aberdeen, Miss.

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