Student body election meetings end today



    The final meeting about BYUSA election information for those considering running for a student body office is today at 4 p.m. in Room 3231 Wilkinson Student Center.

    The meeting will offer an inside look at what being a student body officer entails. Potential candidates will be able to determine from the information whether it is something they really want to do, before committing.

    The slogan “campaign of honor” is being stressed at the meetings to remind potential candidates about ethical standards and integrity.

    Brenley Lewis, co-chair of the elections committee, said that the election process at BYU should be different from elections at other universities.

    “The run for an office such as student body president can become fierce. We don’t want hateful feelings to develop. Not on this campus,” Lewis said.

    The election committee is hoping that differing viewpoints among candidates do not get out of hand and create negative feelings between candidates.

    “We want to ensure that the election process will be full of respect and dignity. We want the candidates to edify each other and the entire university during the campaigning,” Lewis said.

    “Because of the long hours and emotions invested into campaigning, tensions can run high,” said Eric Perry, BYUSA president.

    The meetings stress that running for an office means a candidate’s commitment to integrity, honor and their word, Perry said.

    “There are a lot of ways to break campaign rules for personal advantage. We want to remind the candidates what it’s really all about,” Perry also said.

    Sharon Varga, executive vice president of BYUSA, said her campaign experience was extremely positive.

    “Of course everyone wants to win. But when I was running, feelings never turned into animosity. I remained good friends with those I was running against,” she said. In addition to stressing integrity and respect, the campaign committee hopes the campaign process will remain fun and enjoyable.

    “Students need to see the candidates’ personalities and get to know the person behind the issues. Seeing them hand out fliers in front of the library is not enough,” Lewis said.

    Students desiring to run for an office this year must submit the intent to run form to Room 3400 Wilkinson Student Center by 12 p.m. on Jan. 21.

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