Campus-bound students pass time creatively



    Thousands of students are bound on campus every weekend, but they still find plenty to do.

    A little bit of creativity goes a long way.

    “You know that sign that says the world is our campus? Well, campus is our world,” said Cameron Smith, a freshman from San Jose, Calif.

    Lacy Mickelsen from Ephrata, Penn., said one on-campus adventure is to see how much free stuff she can get.

    “There are always dances and movies going on,” she said.

    While some are succumbing to the Wilkinson Student Center activities, many are trying to escape weekend monotony with creative plans.

    “My buddies and I have tents and camping stoves. We are going to set up camp at Helaman Halls,” said Jeremy Smith, majoring in sports psychology from Farmington, Maine.

    Lindsay Robinson from Atlanta, Georgia, majoring in photography, said creative dating always helps weekends to become more eventful.

    “We had a scavenger army date where we drafted the guys into Babe Boot Camp. At every location, they picked up army gear. We ended at Bridal Veil Falls where we had a camp fire and played games,” Robinson said.

    Others students find dancing on resident hall floors a popular activity to pass the time.

    “My roommates and I dance on our kitchen table all the time,” said Danielle Barrus, a resident at Heritage Halls from Medford, Ore.

    Her friend, Bryce Rich from Eugene, Ore., added, “I breakdance in the lobby.”

    Freshmen hall dancing also takes on themes.

    “One night, on our floor, we all dressed up like Brittany Spears and had a dance party,” said Meagan Nelson, a broadcast journalissm major from Scottsdale, Ariz.

    The few who do own cars said they are skilled at fending off pleading cries to car pool.

    “People with cars are totally used,” said Wesley Flint from Sandy, majoring in zoology. “They just drive people back and forth across town.”

    Ryan Skinner, a Helaman Halls resident from Pacific Palisades, Calif., said he is a natural at dodging car requests. He said he understands who really needs his time.

    “I have two or three girlfriends so my car comes in handy,” he said.

    Those who are not lucky to have an understanding roommate with a car find other means to escape.

    “We love the bus system. We go off campus to the mall and Los Hermanos,” said Pat Hicks, from Bakersfield, Calif., a resident at Deseret Towers. “We love Los Hermanos.”

    Some freshmen think that the campus-bound weekends would not be that bad if they were better informed.

    “Usually I don’t know what’s happening on campus. I’ll find out about something after it happened that I would have liked to have done,” Nathan Schuster from Tully, New York, said.

    However, if all else fails, Schuster and other bored students bound on campus can take the advice of Christa Shepherd, from Burton, Ohio.

    “We just go into chat rooms and make fun of people,” Shepherd said.

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