NewsNet to Webcast Symposium


BYU’s NewsNet will Webcast the Jan. 14 Electric Commerce Taxation Symposium beginning at 9 a.m.

NewsNet is BYU’s integrated newsroom consisting of The Daily Universe, KBYU TV and FM news, CCN cable news, and the NewsNet Web site.

With an increasing number of commercial transactions occurring via the Internet, state and federal governments are realizing the incredible tax revenue potential involved. On-line companies like would be affected considerably, as well as online consumers.

This symposium will provide a forum for a handful of local and national experts to discuss important economic and legal aspects of electric commerce taxation.

“It’s difficult to set up a Webcast. Not only do you have to consider the video and audio elements, but you also have to make sure that the network connection is there,” said Michael Buhrley, NewsNet’s Web director.

Buhrley also said the topic of the symposium is what makes this Webcast of particular interest to NewsNet.

“Electric commerce taxation is a hot topic right now. There is no current legislation in place for it. This symposium may help to get the ball rolling in that direction,” he said.

NewsNet has Webcast other events in the past such as general conference and President Bateman’s Q&A session with the student body last October. NewsNet hopes to Webcast even more events in the future in hopes of making important issues accessible to even larger audiences, Buhrley said.

The symposium, sponsored by BYU Law School and the BYU Law Review, will be held in 3380 WSC. It will be Webcast live starting at 9 a.m. Links for the broadcast can be found on the NewsNet home page. Afterwards, the symposium will be available in the archives.

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