Lindon adopts measures to prevent sexually-oriented businesses from coming to town



    Although there are no sexually-oriented businesses in Lindon, the city is already taken preventive measures to stop them from moving into the area.

    The Lindon City Council adopted two measures Tuesday night that affect location and licensing requirements of sexually-oriented businesses.

    The Council has been considering this issue for a year and doesn’t want to see these types of businesses come to Lindon, said Ott Dameron, Lindon City administrator.

    “The public is well served to have this ordinance,” he said.

    Sexually-oriented businesses include semi-nude entertainment, sexually-oriented outcall services, semi-nude dance agencies, and adult businesses, Dameron said.

    The first ammendment of Chapter 17.61 of the city code concerns location requirements for sexually-oriented businesses. These businesses cannot be located near residential areas or within 165 ft. of the several gateways to the city. They must also be at least 300 ft. from historic buildings and 1,000 ft. from churches, Dameron said.

    They also cannot be near businesses that sell alcohol or within 1,000 ft. of each other, Dameron added.

    Although Chapter 17.61 was originally passed in 1996, the Council wants to strengthen the location requirements it stipulated, Dameron said.

    The Council adopted Section 8.30 Tuesday night, which concerns licensing requirements. Employees in a sexually-oriented business must be licensed, as well as the business, said Gordon Duvall, Lindon City attorney.

    Duvall said the section allows the city 30 days to review the applications of sexually oriented businesses.

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