Club gives students reason to practice random acts of service



    If Oprah Winfrey is promoting random acts of kindness, certainly BYU can keep Random Acts of Service going.

    “We believe that unity can be achieved through service, … provide the inspiration to those who wish to serve, and erase the boundaries that traditionally are associated with service projects,” reads the group’s mission statement.

    “BYUSA has been organizing the Random Acts of Service group for the past few years to create interaction between students. We are hoping to get as many volunteers as possible for this good cause,” said John Johanson, president of the group.

    At the beginning of fall semester, five poles with signs of building names were set up to help new students in finding classrooms. Many other activities will be planned throughout the year by a central committee.

    “There will be no meetings for students who want to participate,” Johanson said. “Instead students can share their ideas and find out information for the next activity through e-mail. The BYUSA office also has details on (the group).”

    “That’s what’s so fun about it,” Wendy Brower, Meetings kind of take the randomness out of services,” said Wendy Brower, 21, a senior from Irvine, Calif., majoring in humanity and english teaching. Brower had seen the group passing out hot chocolate around the Wilkinson Student Center last year.

    “I think a ‘no meetings policy’ is good. Just show up whenever you want to and serve,” said Carolyn Glauser, 19, a sophomore from Draper, majoring in mathematics.

    “Our goals are primarily aimed at changing the attitudes of the student body,” Johanson said. “We hope to provide an example that service is possible with a full school load.”

    “We want [this] to be an experience for those who serve, an experience in love and understanding. . .We want to focus on all that is virtuous and noble in people, the traits that promote the assured continuance of Zion,” the mission statement says.

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