Letter to the Editor: VOICE’s mission misunderstood


    Dear Editor:

    We were really disheartened when we read all the Tuesday editorials concerning the Clarence Thomas issue. We felt there was a serious misunderstanding of the organization VOICE.

    The original letter printed last Thursday, protesting the visit of Clarence Thomas, represented the opinion of a few individuals and not the organization. VOICE does not have political affiliations of any sort. We are an on-campus organization established to educate women and men about women’s issues.

    There are many more questions raised at our meetings than hateful accusations or definite answers about gender issues. Our meetings so far this year have covered topics such as breast cancer awareness, women and development, race and gender ideologies, rape awareness, child birth and breast-feeding.

    A wise person once said, “When all the women of the world are comfortable, it is a comfortable world.” VOICE is an organization endeavoring to make this possible.

    Mehrsa Baradara

    Goshen, N.Y.

    Chelsea Grimmius


    Bryn Goates


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