Letter to the Editor: Some R movies may be worth s


    Dear Editor:

    I’m writing in response to Owen Yeates’ letter in Thursday’s Readers Forum. Yeates said he wanted to communicate a point about the movie “Saving Private Ryan” without encouraging anyone to see it or inciting a campus controversy.

    To all those who want to see the movie, I encourage you to see it. It has had more emotional impact on me than any other movie I have seen. War truly is hell.

    To those who would condemn those who choose to see it because it received an “R” rating, I encourage you to go back and find out what church leaders have actually said before you go home tonight and put on a BYU student’s favorite type of movie: typically rated PG-13, starring a Saturday Night Live alum and laden with crude bathroom humor and tasteless sexual innuendo.

    If this sparks a “campus controversy,” so be it. Controversies are fun.

    Mike Richey

    Salem, Utah

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