Relief Society means no sister has to be alone



    “We are not alone” was the theme of Sister Sheri L. Dew’s address at the General Relief Society Meeting Saturday.

    “We are members of the Relief Society, the only organization for women founded by a prophet of God,” Dew said.

    Sister Dew related a story of when her brother passed away and she went to Colorado for the funeral. After the funeral service had ended she noticed that seven of her dear friends had come to be there as support for her. They said, “We just didn’t want you to be alone today.”

    So it is with the Lord, He does not want us to be alone and that is why he has promised us that we are never alone.

    She quoted Nephi who taught that, “If ye will … receive the Holy Ghost it will show unto you all things what you should do.”

    “We have been promised the constant companionship of the third members of the Godhead and hence the privilege of receiving revelation for our own lives,” Dew said. “We are not alone!”

    The Holy Ghost will enlarge our minds, our hearts, and our understanding. He will be there for us when it seems that no one else will be, she said.

    She also said that one of the biggest challenges is not of getting the Lord to speak to us, but of hearing what He has to say. It is vital that we hear the voice of the Lord, she says.

    One of the greatest challenges for sisters in the Relief Society is the challenge of `busyness’. This causes women to become so wrapped up in daily tasks that the eternal perspective is some how lost in the shuffle.

    “Our responsibility, therefore, is to learn to hear the voice of the Lord,” Dew said.

    Further, Dew said, “There is no group of women anywhere whom the Lord is relying on more than us.”

    In her closing words, sister Dew said, “Tonight may each of us resolve that nothing will stand between us and the Spirit of the Lord.”

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