Open Advisement Center helps students pick and choose



    A month of school has passed. Many students, especially freshmen, realize the change of major is needed. Now, they are looking for different options.

    The Open Major Advisement Center, part of the Career and Counseling Center, is available for students who are undecided about a major.

    Sue Wilkins, the coordinator of the Open Major Advisement Center, said the center helps students find more information to help them select a major and eventually a career.

    “The biggest dilemma (for students) is choosing a major,” Wilkins said.

    The center does not pick a major for students based on an aptitude test but helps them select a major through research.

    “We have students go and see what people are doing and to make contact with the world of work. We have them interview those in the field, read information, attending seminars and talking with people about their major,” Wilkins said.

    First, the students meet with a counselor who helps them identify their interests and abilities. Then students are encouraged to talk to two or three professionals in the field of their choice.

    This allows students to see people in the field of their choice and what those professionals do on a regular basis, Wilkins said. This information allows student to look at life beyond their degree.

    When students come back in, the counselor and the student identify the student’s values. The student then can see what matters most to them in a job or career, Wilkins said.

    Many students have superficial judgments of certain jobs, and these are quickly dispelled when they enter the work force.

    “Most people think this is a simple process,” Wilkins said.

    Employers want people who can think, adapt to changes, be responsible and specialize, if necessary, Wilkins said.

    The Career and Counseling Center has counselors who advise on adding a major, aids on attending graduate schools and workshops on different majors available. For more information contact the Career and Counseling Center in 2500 ELWC.

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