Letter to the Editor: Interesting letters needed


    Ryan E. Hall

    McMinnville, Ore.

    Carolyn Maddox

    St. Louis, Mo.

    Julie Price

    Edina, Minn.

    Mark Stryker

    Lebanon, N.J.

    Jeff Wilson

    Moscow, Ida.

    As employees in a campus office, which requires us to read The Universe each time we work, we are pleading with the campus community for letters which are interesting and entertaining.

    All through the long winter, we were delighted each Tuesday and Thursday to see the latest installments in campus scandals such as the Rodin Exhibit Censorship Outrage, the perceived lack of dress code compliance, prone student bodies in the JKHB hallways, speculation on the purposes of the “gallows” outside the SWKT, the ineptitude of professors attempting to use the classroom A/V equipment, and students displaying their affection for a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse in the view of a non-sympathetic fellow student.

    Since Spring Term has started, we have noticed a complete lack of interest shown in these formerly provocative topics.

    These letters have been replaced by those long-winded political advocates on topics that are not interesting to the general student body, let alone to those of us who are, essentially, paid to read The Universe.

    Have these problems and others like them been solved?

    Have those complainers gone home for the summer without leaving adequate replacements?

    We’re sure with just a small amount of effort, those of us who are left in Provo can drum up some scandals with which to entertain ourselves.

    May we suggest a few: what can be done about the EFY students who insist on walking in great straggly packs six abreast, running innocent BYU students off the sidewalk, and more often than not, singing (if you can call it that) obnoxious songs at the top of their lungs.

    And what’s the deal with all our books only being bought back at wholesale price last semester?

    And why does BYU info only list students who are attending school for the current term?

    And above all, why isn’t Mr. Boffo dead yet?

    Hopefully these suggestions will incite, if not a few riots, at least some interesting Readers’ Forum letters, and thus something for us at this office to talk about.

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