Y donates family research,gives through new Out



    The new Outreach program will soon put BYU’s research on families to use in the community as the Center for Studies of the Family gathers this information.

    The Outreach program will fulfill BYU’s goal to “Go forth to serve” by providing the community with the information BYU faculty and students have learned, according to the Outreach document outline.

    Elaine Sorensen-Marshall, an associate dean of research and scholarship in the College of Nursing, said this program will make the research on campus accessible to families.

    “We would like to begin the process of getting the good quality research that BYU has done out to the public,” said Chris Marshall, an assistant professor and head of the Outreach program.

    Marshall said the pro-active program’s first step is to assess any family-centered campus research.

    After the Outreach committee has collected the works from BYU, the research must be translated into a language that families and therapists can use.

    “Our next line of attack is teaching the teachers,” Marshall said. She said there are established outlets the Outreach program can use to reach families, like the Family Support and Treatment Center.

    The Outreach program can make brochures and videos to supplement family therapy, said Cindy Lee, the clinical director of the Family Support and Treatment Center.

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