Provo womanattacked byman with razor



    While taking out the trash at her home in Provo, an 18-year-old woman was attacked Monday by a man who used a razor blade to cut her neck after tackling her to the floor of her apartment.

    The woman had just arrived home on Monday at 4:50 p.m. She was emptying her trash through the back door of her apartment when she was tackled from behind and forced to the floor.

    Provo police Capt. George Pierpont said the assailant held the woman with her stomach to the ground while using a razor blade to cut both sides of the woman’s neck.

    “Fortunately the little gal put up a pretty good fight. After three minutes, the man had had enough,” Pierpont said.

    “She had lacerations on both sides of her neck. The cuts weren’t deep enough to require stitches or hospitalization,” Pierpont said.

    The incident occurred in the vicinity of 900 S. and 600 West in Provo.

    The victim did not see the assailant until he began to flee. He is described as being a 6-foot Hispanic man, weighing around 180 pounds. He was wearing a warm-up type nylon shirt, a black beanie and gloves with white stitching on the fingers.

    A neighbor to the woman said she has not been able to take her eyes off her window since it happened.

    “It’s scary to think that a sicko like that might live in your neighborhood — I’ve got two baby girls,” she said.

    Pierpont said the assailant is wanted for aggravated assault, and anyone with any information should call the Provo Police Department at 379-6210.

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