Follow Christ with love,selflessness, integrity



    Being honest, simple, solid and true is the ideal way to follow Christ, a BYU professor of philosophy said at Tuesday’s Devotional.

    C. Terry Warner told students that often times the struggle to become more like the Savior is lost by hiding behind a facade, not listening to others or becoming self-involved.

    Warner said many times people find themselves playing a role and are suddenly unable to distinguish between reality and fabrication.

    “We become the most ourselves when we are true to God and to one another,” Warner said.

    Lucifer’s method of fighting includes denying responsibility for actions and spreading discontent, he said. His method can only create conflict.

    “Strife among us divides us,” Warner said, “and gradually addicts us to resentment and revenge.”

    Selflessness and responding to loved ones will help in becoming more like the Savior, he said.

    Warner suggests these chains of strife can be broken through the Savior’s example — love. Through love, the ability to come unto Christ is granted. By giving up criticism, vulgarity and violence in any form, the ability to come to Christ is made possible.

    Through examples, Warner indicated that many times lack of love for one another is the cause for unhappiness in relationships. When this is found, and selfishness is put aside, relationships can then grow and people can come unto Christ.

    “Satan does not need to overpower us to win the war, he only needs us to adopt his way. Everything depends upon how we choose,” Warner said.

    Dealing with misfortune can lead to coming unto Christ if it is done purely and valiantly, Warner said. Through making choices, the decision becomes the individual’s, he said.

    “Where good and evil are concerned, there is no such thing as being a sideliner or taking a time out,” Warner said. “People become more successful when they put others above themselves. This success can be achieved through performing one act of love at a time.”

    “We become honest, simple, solid, true by following the captain in a war which is fought by means of love,” he said.

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