Emilie Stiles

Emilie Stiles is a PR Major covering religion and family for The Universe. Emilie plans a career in public affairs for the Mormon Church.

Hank Smith: not your average religion professor

The auditorium in the JKB fills with people, and the buzz of their conversations fill the room. It’s the day every BYU student taking a Book of Mormon class dreads — the Isaiah chapters. These chapters confuse or bore most students, but not the students in Hank Smith’s Book of Mormon class.


Some BYU students choose to get married in the middle of the semester

Students’ newsfeeds are often flooded with pictures of weddings at the end of each semester at BYU. For busy students, the breaks between semesters seem like the best time to have a wedding because it’s the only vacation they have. However, some students decide to get married in the middle of the semester despite the fact that school is still in session.


BYU professor addresses intersection of faith and scholarship

Dr. Bonnie Brinton, a BYU professor who specializes in communication disorders, spoke on Wednesday, Nov. 18 about her journey as a “disciple-scholar.” Brinton discussed how the gospel has provided her with inspiration in her studies and has helped her to become a better researcher in her discipline.