The biggest Internet moments of 2015


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The Internet has long been a source of entertainment and information, and the World Wide Web in 2015 was no different. While there were many hilarious memes and controversial hashtags created, some stood out above the rest.

#JeSuisCharlie: In January, Islamic attackers killed 12 people in response to some negative cartoons drawn by a French magazine, Charlie Hebdo. Immediately following the attacks, the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie or “I am Charlie” started trending on several major social media networks. The people who used the hashtag expressed support for the victims of the attacks and the right to free speech.

Barack Obama visits Buzzfeed: Barack Obama made an attempt to connect with American young adults through a humorous Buzzfeed video, unlike any president who has come before him. The video received mainstream media coverage and helped Obama educate Buzzfeed viewers about both his selfie habits and Obamacare. Thanks, Obama.

The dress: Was it white and gold? Was it black and blue? The argument still continues to this day. The New York Times wrote an article, saying that the dress was indeed black and blue, but people on the Internet weren’t totally convinced.

“Dear Fat People”: YouTube vlogger Nicole Arbor created a video criticizing people for being overweight, and people online were not happy about it. Some social media users shared body-positive images to combat what they saw as Arbor’s fat-shaming.

Pizza rat: A video of a rat trying to drag a piece of pizza through a subway in Brooklyn resonated with the Internet community. Perhaps they were inspired by the pizza rat living his dreams, or perhaps they were just jealous of the rat’s pizza.

“Hotline Bling”: A cheesy song with an even cheesier video equalled meme gold for some posters on the Internet this year. It became part of the common lingo to know that “when that hotline bling, that can only mean one thing.” Drake’s somewhat awkward dancing could be applied to any situation and any song.

New Star Wars trailer: Star Wars has remained a huge franchise, despite being nearly 40 years old. When the final trailer was released for “The Force Awakens,” the newest addition to Star Wars, the Internet collectively lost its mind. With record-breaking pre-sales, one can expect that Dec. 18 will be a busy day for movie theaters.

Adele’s “Hello”: Fans of Adele’s sentimental music had been eagerly anticipating another song to sob into their pillows about, and “Hello” did not disappoint. Adele’s song was a reminder for the heartbroken about lost love and missed opportunities.

Paris, nous t’aimons: With the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, some people wanted to show their support to the French people. YouTube changed the colors on its logo to resemble the French flag, and Facebook allowed users to use a French flag filter over their profile pictures.

The year of the opinion: This year allowed Internet users to share their opinions more freely than ever before. From the rainbow flag filter on Facebook to the heated debates on the LDS Church’s policy updates regarding children of same-sex couples, Internet users were not afraid to share their opinions.

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