Letter: Ways to raise


Recently, my friend and I were discussing the show “Modern Family.”

My friend said he loved the show, except he didn’t feel it was right two characters, Cam and Mitchell (the homosexual couple), adopted a child.

He said in real life, he would rather pay extra taxes in order for a child to be brought up in an orphanage or foster care than to be adopted by a gay couple.

This got me thinking: is it better for a child to be raised in a foster-care or orphan-type environment or for a child to be raised by a gay couple.

I’m not sure the LDS Church has ever commented on this particular situation, although the proclamation to the world calls clearly for a mother and father in the home, if possible.

However, is this one of those situations Elder Dallin H. Oaks outlined in his ‘Good, Better, Best” talk?

Is being raised by a gay couple better than being raised in an orphanage in the eyes of Mormons?

Personally, I can’t say I’m opposed to a situation where a gay couple raises a child, but that could change if the Prophet marked it as a practice that should be avoided.

Alex Hairston