Eat Beat: Stan’s Drive-In

Stan's Drive-In is the epitome of an iconic 1950s diner. Serving classic burgers, hand-spun shakes and homemade fry sauce, this restaurant aims to appeal to...

Chipotle E. coli outbreak in Pacific Northwest continues to concern the...

Chipotle closed 43 of its Pacific Northwest locations in response to an E. coli outbreak that health officials have connected to the Mexican food chain.
Ari Davis

Varieties of Provo ice cream

Utahns are known for their love of jello, funeral potatoes, fry sauce and ice cream. Provo is a popular location for ice cream start-ups because of its student demographic.

And then there were leftovers

There is possibly no other time of the year that leaves the refrigerator packed with so many appetizing leftover options as the week after...
Maddi Dayton

Students use Galentine’s Day as a means of service

Fans of the popular NBC show "Parks and Recreation" know exactly what Galentine's Day entails, but for those who don't, Leslie Knope has the answer.

Food allergies are the driving force behind trendy products and diets

Laurie Vukich presses her own almonds for milk, uses the remains to make flour and even makes her own yogurt from coconut milk. She...