Woman prepares to celebrate her 100th birthday

(Zada Jones/KOTA)

Patricia Ruth Roueche is getting ready to celebrate a major milestone with her friends and family from all over the country.

Born on May 8, 1924, Patpat (Patricia Ruth Roueche) is set to turn 100 years old this coming Wednesday.

“I’m surprised I’m going to make it to 100,” said Roueche. “Because I never dreamed I’d live that long.”

Roueche says her greatest achievement in life has been raising her wonderful family and teaching, which she did for 30 years. Despite reaching the century mark, she is surrounded by youthful energy thanks to her great-grandchildren who keep her on her toes.

“That’s what I said they’d either kill me or keep me young, and it’s never dull, I mean and they take care of me if I go up or down the steps they want to hold my hand and and help me.”

Reflecting on her milestone birthday, she gives those wanting to live a longer life tips on how to live until one hundred.

“Live a clean life, don’t drink or smoke. I’ve never smoked, I never drank,”  said Roueche. “That might’ve helped. Maybe a frozen daiquiri once or twice in my life.”

Roueche will mark her big birthday this Wednesday.

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