Provo Library holds annual Valentine’s ball


Provo Public Library held its 22nd Annual Valentine’s Day Ball in its grand ballroom on Saturday, Feb. 10.

Couples danced across the floor of the library’s ballroom to a live jazz band, hand in hand and cheek to cheek, to celebrate the holiday.

“I think the thing that makes our event truly special is dancing with a live band,” Erika Hill, Provo Library’s Community Relations Manager, said. “It’s just not something that many people experience anymore, and it seems to be the thing that keeps people coming back.”

When asked why the library puts on the event every year, Library Director Carla Gordon quoted Disney’s “Frozen” and said, “‘Why have a ballroom with no balls?’” 

“It just seemed a shame to not take advantage of such a lovely space and do some dancing.” Gordon said. “Valentine’s is just a great opportunity, and people are always looking for something special to do.”

The night included a dinner, an awards ceremony for the library staff, dancing and a photo station where couples could capture the evening.

“It’s now, for the most part, a budget-neutral event; we sell tickets to cover the cost of the band, the caterer, and our decorations,” Hill said. “Our main objective with this event is to utilize our space and give people an evening to remember.”

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