Archers Lacrosse Club finds new home in Utah

The now Utah Archers were the Premier Lacrosse League’s 2023 season champions. The team will now be based in Utah for the 2024 season. (Photo courtesy of the Premier Lacrosse League)

The Premier Lacrosse League’s reigning champions will now be headquartered in Utah as part of the league’s 2024 season.

“We’re thrilled to bring the reigning champion Archers Lacrosse Club to Utah sports fans across the state and region,” said Mike Rabil, co-founder and CEO of the Premier Lacrosse League. “Utah holds a special place in our league’s heart and history, as it was home to our 2020 ‘bubble season,’ and among the first pro sports competitions to be held safely during the pandemic. … We can’t wait to see fans across the region rally around the Archers.”

The move was announced in November, along with several other changes for the league’s next season. The now Utah Archers are part of the league’s move to tie all of their teams to different geographical locations around the country. The league is also looking to split its teams into an Eastern and Western Conference.

The eight teams in the PLL are now the Utah Archers, Carolina Chaos, Denver Outlaws and California Redwoods comprising the Western Conference and the New York Atlas, Boston Cannons, Philadelphia Waterdogs and Maryland Whipsnakes comprising the Eastern Conference.

Mike Sisselberger for the now Utah Archers plays against the now Boston Cannons during the Premier Lacrosse League’s 2023 season. The Archers will be based in Utah during the 2024 season. (Photo courtesy of the Premier Lacrosse League)

Lacrosse has grown rather quickly in the last few years, according to Jeff Robbins, President and CEO of the Utah Sports Commission.

Lacrosse is rapidly growing locally, nationally and even globally with its inclusion in the 2028 Olympic Summer Games in Los Angeles, he said.

“The Premier Lacrosse League has been a key part of the sport’s rapid expansion,” Robbins said. “Having the Utah Archers call our state their home will bring some of the greatest players in the world to the State of Sport.”

According to a press release published by the PLL, the move to assign teams to cities is the biggest business investment in the sport of lacrosse since the league was first founded.

The release states that the PPL will also be investing in the growth of youth lacrosse programs in Utah by fostering greater access to the sport and a connection between the Archers and the people of Utah.

“This move will continue to put Utah at the top tier of lacrosse nationally,” said David Neeleman, CEO of Breeze Airways. “As a long time supporter of University of Utah lacrosse, I am thrilled that Utah has been selected as the home of the PLL Champion Utah Archers. I would like to thank all those who have made this happen — it is great for Utah to have another professional team.”

The PLL is the professional lacrosse association in America and was founded in 2018.

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