Students get discounts at Orem Hale Center Theater


Located in Orem, the Hale Center Theater has been providing entertainment for 30 years. Bronson Dameron, the actor playing Harold Hill in the theater’s current production of “The Music Man,” shared the benefits of attending shows like this.

“I’m biased because I’m in the show, but I think live theater has something that movies and other things don’t quite have, especially this venue because the audience is right down there with the actors who are literally on the front row face to face with them,” he said.

To get students in the community involved, and to fill up extra seats, the theater offers half-off student rush tickets, with two ways to benefit. The first is to come before the show. Students who bring their student ID cards are eligible to be put on standby. If extra seats are found, they are called and offered those seats at half the price.

Another way which students can benefit from the half off tickets is by calling (801) 226-8600. Then they can secure a ticket for any show Monday through Thursday of that same week.

Evan McKay Naef, a masters of accountancy student at BYU and actor in The Music Man, shared how the theater benefits students like him even outside its discount.

“It’s really a great experience for students to have, and it’s a relatively cheap theater experience as well. And it’s solid productions with a lot of opportunities to see really good theater at a really good price. And they offer even discounts for students,” Naef said.

Attending shows like The Music Man is a great way to show support for BYU students, save some money and have a great night out.

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