Proud owners are showing their vehicles at Provo car show 

Steven Christianson is the proud owner of this 1968 Ford Bronco. Christianson said the heavily modified utility vehicle competed in race events in Mexico in the early 70s. Now, the retired Bronco is a showpiece. (Bella Li)

History met horsepower in downtown Provo. Downtown Provo Inc. rolled out the red carpet for automotive enthusiasts at the annual antique car show this past weekend.

“I had relatives that worked for a Ford motor company (who) got us interested in a drag race for a number of years in California. It was a natural tradition from drag racing into off-road racing. After off-road racing, we use it for fishing, for hunting and for sightseeing,” Christianson said.

Christianson said he has never come to car shows in Provo. He was surprised to see how many others with similar hobbies were there.

“We enjoyed talking to people about cars, about a few places you get together with guys who have the same interest and we enjoy swapping stories and nothing better than a good car story,” Christianson said.

Bobby Hopkins brought his 19-21 T-bucket to the show. Hopkins said that he grew up going to car shows with his father. His dad was a car enthusiast.

Hopkins said he especially likes to see little kids looking at his vintage car.

“It’s kind of a cartoon-looking thing. Little kids, I like to see their reaction when they see this thing,” Hopkins said.

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