Good News Thursday: Wrestling fundraiser for paralyzed child brings healing to family and community, Underwater concert advocates for coral reef protection in Florida


Wrestling fundraiser for paralyzed child brings healing to family and community

National Wrestling Alliance hosts a fundraiser for Cooper Roberts, the youngest victim from the Highland Park July 4, 2022 mass shooting. Roberts attended the fundraiser with family and friends. (Courtesy of Maher Kawash)

The National Wrestling Alliance hosted a fundraiser for Highland Park’s youngest victim from the 2022 July 4 mass shooting.

Cooper Roberts, who was paralyzed from the waist down following last year’s shooting, sat in the front row enjoying an event organized just for him. Roberts sat in attendance next to his twin brother and friends.

Roberts’ mother, Keely Roberts, said she was immensely grateful for this experience that came after such a difficult year of hospital stays and rehabilitation.

“Today has been one of those days you get to come and not be totally immersed in everything that is difficult and challenging and overwhelming,” Keely said.

The Roberts family is grateful for the support and kindness they received from their community following the tragedy that killed seven and injured 48. Keely is hopeful about Cooper’s recovery.

“He is doing really really good. He is continuing to push through the physical issues he’s continuing to deal with, but I think most importantly he’s continuing to feel the love and support which is what we’re all trying to focus on,” Keely said.

Underwater concert advocates for coral reef protection in Florida

Divers in mermaid costumes pretend to play musical instruments at the Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival. The Looe Key Reef protects 3,800 square miles of waters along the coast of the U.S. (Frazier Nivens of the Florida Keys News Bureau via AP News)

Music and safety messages were broadcast underwater off the coast of the Florida Keys on July 8. The festival celebrated and advocated for the protection of Florida’s coral reef.

More than 100 divers and snorkelers attended the Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival in Looe Key Reef, listening to water-themed music and messages to divers about minimizing harmful environmental impacts. The Looe Key Reef, located south of Big Pine Key, Florida, is the only living coral reef off the coast of the U.S.

Part of the broadcast included “Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles and music from “The Little Mermaid.” Costumed mermaids and other unique visual elements were all part of the experience put on by a local radio station and the Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce.

New research shows 5,000 year old Spanish tomb belonged to the ‘Ivory Woman’

This illustration depicts the Ivory Woman whose remains were found in a tomb near Seville, Spain. Recent study results show that the remains previously thought of as male are actually female. (Research Group ATLAS from University of Sevilla)

Remains found in a tomb near Seville, Spain, originally dubbed male, were identified as female, according to research published on July 6 in the Journal of Scientific Reports.

Discovered in 2008, the tomb contained elephant tusks, an ostrich eggshell, an ivory comb and a crystal dagger, along with human remains. Due to the artifacts and lavish nature of the tomb, authors of the recently-published study believe this woman was high-ranking and valued by her community.

The individual once known as the “Ivory Man” is actually the “Ivory Woman,” according to results from new technology that tests teeth enamel.

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