Utah Transit Authority scavenger hunt begins, raising awareness for Clear the Air Challenge

A Bus Rapid Transit vehicle pulls up to a stop on the route. The UTA is hosting a scavenger hunt across their bus routes. (Photo Courtesy of Utah Transit Authority)

Utah Transit Authority’s scavenger hunt is underway, raising awareness for Utah’s Clean the Air Challenge.

One of the purposes of the hunt is to encourage people to travel around Salt Lake City through UTA bus routes.

UTA announced that each Monday morning in the month of July, they will post a clue on the official UTA Instagram with a specific location in Salt Lake City. The first five participants to reach the location, scan a QR code and direct message the account with provided keywords will win various prizes.

All participants who submit keywords to the UTA will be entered into the final grand prize drawing valued at $250, including two VIP tickets to their concert of choice at Salt Lake or Ogden Twilight Concert series, a one-month complimentary UTA pass and UTA merchandise.

This week’s clue, posted to UTA’s Instagram on Monday, July 3, reads the following:

“Where pioneers settled, their stories unfold, a transportation hub, where paths converge bold. Search within the station, where journeys embark, the next clue lies, amidst the bustling mark.”

UTA also promises the clues will grow harder each week.

The scavenger hunt aims to raise awareness for the annual Clear the Air Challenge, which hopes to eliminate 100,000 single-occupant trips in Utah. The initiative encourages carpooling, cycling and public transportation.

Last year, Utahns eliminated 53,538 trips, saved over 1 million miles of travel and cut around 392 tons of CO2 emissions.

Danna Radford studies law at BYU and lives in American Fork. Although Radford recognizes the importance of public transportation and its benefit to the environment, she feels the current infrastructure is not adequate for a largely rural Utah.

“I just wish it was better transportation, it makes it hard to use. I still can’t get to a bus station from my house without driving to a bus station, and then I’m leaving my car somewhere all day,” Radford said.

Fellow BYU Law student Natalie White supports initiatives to cut down on unnecessary travel and believes BYU could help with the effort.

“I have carpooled before for law school, so it’s nice to meet up with other students, who are doing the same internships as you, that was really convenient. Maybe BYU needs a carpooling app,” White said.

More details and rules for the competition can be found on UTA’s website. Information on how to travel more economically and environmentally friendly can also be found here.

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