BYU men’s tennis head coach retires

Dave Porter coaches at a BYU tennis match. Porter is retiring after spending 40 years in the collegiate sports industry. (BYU Photo)

Just a month after their last game, the BYU men’s tennis head coach Dave Porter is retiring. After spending 40 years in the collegiate sports industry, and just three short years at BYU, Porter cites his deteriorating health as the main reason for leaving.

Although Porter began as a basketball and volleyball coach at BYU-Hawaii, he found his home as a coach for the BYU-Hawaii Tennis team, The Seasiders. After coaching both men’s and women’s tennis at BYU-Hawaii, Porter began to coach at BYU in 2020.

During Porter’s time as a tennis coach, he received multiple awards and achievements as a coach and with his teams. He is widely recognized by the NCAA and has amassed a plethora of titles, including being the winningest coach with 1,438 wins in his collegiate history.

Regarding his time at BYU as the men’s head coach, Porter achieved a 28-35 record, including a 21-9 record at home. Porter was also the director of tennis at BYU, overseeing the women’s team and their 38-33 record.

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