Training Table announces restaurant reopening, food truck debut

Training table recently announced its plans for the future. This will include Traning Table food trucks that will bring cheese fries and other popular menu items to customers across Utah. (Photo courtesy of Training Table)

On October 7, 2022, The Training Table announced that the popular Utah restaurant would be coming back, but with new modifications. 

According to a press release from The Training Table, the locations of Training Table restaurants will be announced in the coming months. However, patrons will soon see Training Table food trucks.

“[The Training Table] will soon be hitting the road, with the debut of food trucks, bringing the restaurant’s world-famous cheese fries and other menu items to public, private and community events across Utah,” the press release said.  

The burger chain will also be selling two of their sauces, “The Ultimate Dipping Sauce” and “The Ultimate Hickory Sauce,” on their website. Customers can pre-order bottles of the sauce and have it delivered directly to their home.

Customers can now pre-order bottles of two popular Training Table sauces. (Photo courtesy of Training Table)

Landline phones were also once a prominent feature of the burger chain. Customers would order their food through landline phones placed at the table. The restaurant said they still plan on phones being part of the experience for full scale restaurants and the food trucks. 

The popular Utah chain closed in 2016 due to a lawsuit. However on July 20, 2022, Training Table posted on social media and created a countdown on their website, sparking excitement among past Training Table patrons.

“Our restaurant was a Utah institution and phenomenal success for nearly 40 years when we closed our doors,” said Training Table Chairman Stephanie Chard in the press release. “We always hoped that wouldn’t be the last time Utahns would see The Training Table and are proud to be ‘A Utah Original.’ We’re excited to move forward, starting with bringing back a part of the legacy that people loved, and missed most —our dipping sauce and cheese fries.” 

The Training Table announcement on October 7 marked the 45th anniversary of the Training Table. 

“I think the community has just been so excited,” Training Table Media representative Helen Langan said. “There’s such nostalgia about the Training Table and I think there’s a whole generation of Utahns who’ve made wonderful memories for 40 years of the Training Table and a whole new generation of Utahns who are looking forward to making more memories there in the decades to come.”

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