Utah Jazz shows support for Ukraine


By Kaelin Hagen and Evadne Hendrix

(Universe Live File footage, Twitter @utahjazz)

The Utah Jazz showed their support for Ukraine at the game against Portland. They played the Ukrainian national anthem before tip-off and donated money to Airbnb to house refugees.

Utah violinist Gabriel Gordon played the Ukrainian national anthem before tip-off in front of a sold-out crowd at the Vivint Arena. It was the first time the NBA allowed another country’s anthem, aside from Canada’s, to be played at a game.

An exception to that rule was made because of the overwhelming support of the Ukrainian people during this time of war in their country.

The Utah Jazz also donated more than 32,000 nights of Airbnb housing for Ukrainian refugees. This donation is nearly enough to fill Vivint’s arena twice.

Airbnb announced it will offer free short-term housing to up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. Airbnb is helping connect refugees with temporary homes but intends for donators like the Utah Jazz to help fund these stays.

The owner of The Utah Jazz encouraged other organizations to donate. Anyone can donate to this cause on the Airbnb website.

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