Students can learn to ‘Fight Like a Girl’ at self-defense seminar


The Fight Like A Girl organization invites all to come to Wasatch Combat Sports on Feb. 18 for a self-defense seminar led by professional coaches.

At the event, attendees can expect to learn a variety of self-defense techniques as well as exercises to build confidence and empowerment. Details can be found on Fight Like A Girl’s Instagram page.

“More than anything it will build confidence, build friendships and build more self-control than you’ve ever had,” Wasatch Combat Sports owner Tyler Theobald said. 

According to Fight Like a Girl founder Kelsey Rice, although the event is targeted toward women, it is not exclusive; men of all ages are also welcome to attend. Women are simply more likely to be attacked or sexually assaulted. Assistant organizer and coach Cambrie Harker said she believes all women need to learn how to defend themselves. 

Fight Like a Girl Founder Kelsey Rice gives a presentation to high school students.(Photo courtesy of Kelsey Rice)

“I think everyone should learn self-defense because statistically one in four girls in the U.S. will be sexually assaulted: But in Utah, especially Utah County, it’s one in three girls,” Harker said.

While competing in a pageant last spring, Rice decided to start Fight Like A Girl as her social impact initiative. Although she lost the pageant, Fight Like A Girl lives on and Rice is hosting her first live seminar to empower women and teach them how to defend themselves. 

“I started Fight Like A Girl because I felt like people don’t really understand what self-defense is,” Rice said. “There’s so much more to self-defense than the physical aspect, there’s a lot of mental and emotional parts of it as well.”

All of the money from tickets is going to pay directly for using the gym and paying the coaches. Rice and Harker aren’t making any profit from the event. 

“I can’t wait to show these girls that they have power in them,” Harker said. “Giving them that confidence and showing them what they’re capable of is what I’m excited for.”

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