Intramural soccer is in full swing for BYU


Intramural events are in full swing for the semester and soccer is one of the most popular activities offered.

Collegiate intramural sports have allowed BYU students to compete against one another in their favorite sports since the early 1900s. There are currently more than 50 annual intramural activities for students to choose from including the popular co-ed soccer.

“Half the people on my team were roommates, or are currently roommates, and then the rest are just friends of those roommates,” BYU student Nicholas Tholstrom.

The intramural office encourages students to establish life-long habits that encourage a healthier and happier life.

“I think my favorite thing is just getting exercise every week, just being able to run around and relive the glory days of soccer,” Tholstrom said.

Karl G. Maeser said that play and recreation are more than mere diversions, they are recuperative requisites in the process of physical, intellectual and moral development.

“If I were still a BYU student, yes 100% I would probably already be doing this, it seems really fun,” former BYU student Ashlyn Western said.

With the pressure of midterms in full swing and final preparations around the corner, many students have to decide what to prioritize.

“I think my least favorite thing is, I don’t know, I feel like we never have enough players. I feel like we’re always down a person,” Tholstrom said.

As the winter weather moves in, students are grateful for the opportunity to use the Indoor Practice Facility on campus.

“It was fun that they played in here. Usually they play outside on a field, but I think there’s a band thing going on so it was really cool to be in here,” Western said.

Despite these challenges, intramurals have allowed students and friends to gather and enjoy good soccer.

“There’s really good soccer players here. It’s fun to watch them all, like they probably all played in high school, but now they’re really good and they still play,” Western said.

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