Young entrepreneur turns her passion into a business

Chocolate desserts served during chocolate week at The Commons. Photo by Sarah Hill

SANTA ROSA, ECUADOR — 22-year-old Cindy Jaen started her business with her mother-in-law earlier this year, born out of desire to support her family during this pandemic. She claimed, “I’ve always liked to bake cakes, and I learned how to take it to the next level thanks to my mother-in-law.”

Before the pandemic, Jaen and her family lived in Guayaquil, then the pandemic struck and they had to move back home in Santa Rosa, which resulted in them losing their jobs. This change helped Cindy find the courage she needed to start selling homemade desserts and selling them though her social media account. Her company is called “Ocasion Especial 20.”

Jaen shared, “I love this business so much because I get to meet so many people and help them make their celebration special, and it is very fulfilling being part of those special moments.”

Jaen fulfills all the orders in the kitchen of her grandmother-in-law’s house, where sometimes she comes out to help and keep Cindy company. Jaen tries to make each order with love, and she believes that the effort you put in can make a perfect and very delicious cake. 

Jaen is in love with the opportunity to work from home because she gets to focus on her school and her family while helping with the expenses. 

Before this pandemic she barely saw her family, and now it’s amazing how much time she gets to spend with them while baking her favorite desserts. Ocasion Eespecial 20’s presence on social media keeps growing, and Jaen loves that people love to order her chocolate cake — her specialty that her customers never seem to get tired of.

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