High school basketball team donates blankets


This holiday season, people are searching for ways to spread love from a distance. 

The North Ridgeville High School girls basketball team does at least one service project every season. This year is no different. 

When asked about how the team got involved in their service this year, Head Coach Amy Esser said, “My mother works with an organization that helps new moms and their babies that can’t afford cribs and things like that… I asked her what some things are that we could do with the girls during covid times that could still help with people in need.”

With a few adjustments to ensure the girls’ safety, it was like any other year. 

“The girls wore their masks, they social-distanced this year, they each were at their own table,” said Esser’s mother, Christine. “With everything that’s going on in this world today, these mothers do really need the help. They have a lot of women and children right now that are in need.” 

The team made the blankets using donated materials. All they needed was a pair of scissors. Each blanket took 45 minutes to an hour to complete. 

“I give a lot of credit to the coaches,” said varsity player, Brynnley Kerr. “They take time out of our practices so that we can help other people out.”

The team donated between 30 and 35 blankets. 

“I really like when we get pictures of the babies in the blankets, because it’s super heartwarming and makes us feel really good about what we did for them,” said Kerr.

Fellow varsity player, Daylan Baker, said she loves doing service for others and appreciates that her team finds some sort of project to do every year. “It really is just something to look forward to because you know this is going to go to someone who needs it, and they’re gonna appreciate it.”

“We’re just trying to find different ways that we can help our community from a distance,” said Esser. The girls on the basketball team hope everyone will look for ways to make someone’s life a little easier this holiday season.

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