Traveling for the Thanksgiving holidays


With the holiday season coming up, the Salt Lake International Airport is unsure whether or not to expect a lot of travelers this year.  Spokesperson for the Salt Lake City International Airport, Nancy Volmer, explained that “the pandemic has really put a twist in everything, and it’s really hard to know what to expect.”       

Megan and Noah Pierce have decided to travel home for the holidays.  “The pandemic has been going on long enough,” Megan said. “You should spend time with your family on the holidays.”

Visiting family this year will require extra preparations. “Just be smart,” Noah told us.  “Like, plan ahead, make sure you take the necessary precautions, and you can keep yourself pretty safe.”

Recent renovations at the Salt Lake City airport will also require extra commute time.  “I would really encourage everyone to plan extra time when they’re coming out to the airport,” Volmer explained. “Because it’s just different, and plus, it’s larger so it will take more time to navigate.”

The Salt Lake City International Airport has also implemented new changes, such as only ticket passengers are allowed in the airport, face masks are required and some middle seats are not sold on some airlines.  Airlines are encouraging all passengers to book early and stay safe.

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