An interview with wide receiver Keanu Hill


Wide receiver is a position that the Brigham Young University football team sees plenty of talent come through its program. One of those is freshman wide receiver Keanu Hill, who caught his first touchdown pass last Saturday versus Texas State. 

I sat down for an interview with Keanu Hill to talk about his first touchdown catch and where his talent comes from.

Q: “How do you feel after last Saturday’s win over Texas State?”

A: “It felt great. Just because, you know, a good team win for us, you know, got my first career touchdown, but most importantly, just excited for the team to go out and have my boys out there.”

Q: “Let’s go back to your touchdown catch man. What was going through your head on that 4th down play?”

A: “What was going through my head was I knew we needed the first down, so, we had this plan which was supposed to be designed for the coverage they had on that specific time, and I guess that it was broken coverage and the safety just stayed down, and there was no safety help over the top, and then I was just wide open.”

Q: “Going back to high school, what was it that got you initially into playing wide receiver?”

A: “Initially, what got me playing wide receiver was just because my family. I have a good family tree of receivers. At the beginning, you start of with my dad, who actually played at Texas Tech for a while, and he got drafted. And then next up was my uncle, his name was Roy Williams, and he got drafted, and put in the pros, all that stuff. So, I just felt like, you know, they played receiver, so why not play receiver too as well, to keep that tradition going.” 

Q: “How much were they coaching you up, like helping you out, giving you tips, all the way up until now, I guess at this point.”

A: “My dad was always there. Like, he would never miss a practice; he would make sure everybody’s doing good. My uncle does the same thing when I get the chance to talk to him, because sometimes he’s very busy. But, yeah, he just told me, this upcoming game, he was telling me my routes are good; I’m coming off my breaks faster.”

Q: “What was it that interested you the most in playing for the Cougars?”

A: “The thing that interested me the most was probably just the football program. They have great coaches, they have great players to be around, all that stuff, and I just chose here because this is way different than any other college I actually went to and visited. And on top of that, it was my best offer, to be honest with you.”

Q: “What are you looking forward to the most about playing Western Kentucky?”

A: “Just coming out there and executing, cause our coaches put a great game plan together, and I know we have the right people on the team to go out there and execute that game plan.”

Hill is one of two freshman wide receivers, alongside Kody Epps, to record a catch in a game this season. He and the Cougars look to take on the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers tomorrow. 

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