What you should know about Utah’s moderate risk orange phase


The BYU campus is making changes as Utah has moved into the moderate-risk (orange) phase.

A Y Newsletter sent out to BYU employees on May 5 explained what moving to the orange phase means for the BYU campus. According to the letter, limited seating for dine-in restaurants is now available at some locations as a result of moving to the orange phase. Working from home is still encouraged whenever possible and BYU employees whose work requires them to be on campus are encouraged to wear face masks.

On May 2, the Utah COVID-19 Community Task Force tweeted a video explaining more about the moderate risk (orange) phase.

Gov. Gary Herbert said data is being watched very closely as Utah enters into the orange phase. “If necessary, we will quickly transition back to red. Please exercise caution as we loosen restrictions this weekend,” Herbert said in a tweet.

As Utah continues transitioning to the moderate risk (orange) phase after being in the high-risk (red) phase for almost two months, the state has provided general guidelines for individuals, businesses, high-risk individuals and children.

The orange phase provides specific guidelines for all individuals and businesses in the state of Utah. (Screenshot from YouTube)

General guidelines for individuals:

  • Gatherings in groups of 20 or less while maintaining social distancing guidelines are appropriate.
  • Leave home infrequently and stay six feet away from others.
  • Wear face coverings in public settings.
  • Maintain social distancing during outdoor recreation; do not participate in close-contact or team sports.
  • Limit out-of-state travel.
  • Churchs can offer services as long as there’s spacing between immediate households and alternate schedules to accommodate smaller gatherings and streaming services. Video streaming services are recommended.

General guidelines for businesses:

  • High-contact businesses can operate under strict protocols.
  • Takeout, pickup and delivery are encouraged; dine-in services are allowed under strict precautions.
  • Work from home when possible. When going to work, follow specific hygiene policies and continue social distancing.

Guidelines for high-risk individuals:

  • Wear face coverings in all public settings.
  • Limit travel to essential travel only; if working remotely is not possible, limit travel to work-related travel only.
  • Limit visits with family or friends unless there’s an urgent need.
  • Limit physical interactions with others except those of your immediate household.
  • Limit attending gathers of any number with people outside of your immediate household.
  • Do not visit hospitals, nursing homes or other residential care facilities.

Guidelines for children:

  • Do not attend school outside of the home; schools may send home food.
  • Do not arrange or participate in in-person play dates or similar activities.
  • Do not allow play on public playgrounds.

The orange phase may look different to each community in Utah, visit the state and local orders and directives page on Utah’s coronavirus website to see how the orange phase differs from county to county.

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