April Fool’s Day is canceled


PROVO — Trending on Twitter right now is the hashtag “April Fools Day,” and, thanks to COVID-19, most people are in favor of canceling the pranking tradition this year.

Several of the Twitter posts said things like, “2020 has been too much to handle so don’t even think about hitting me with bad news when it’s not even real.”

Another Twitter user from Australia said, “It’s April Fool’s Day in Australia, but the fools are those that are not staying home…and in the process endangering people’s lives!!!” 

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Many others simply posted memes and gifs like these ones: 

Business Insider reported that even Google, famous for their April Fool’s jokes, are canceling their tradition this year. 

The solution for many people is to send kindness instead of pranks. Or, because laughter can be powerful medicine in times like these, find different ways to make your loved ones laugh with harmless gags and hilarious memes. And don’t forget to wash your hands and keep smiling! 

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