Thanksgiving Heroes


“My mom gets diagnosed with brain cancer and she kind of tells me, ‘Rob, quit talking about this. You need to go do it,” Rob Adams explains.

Young Rob Adams was no stranger to hunger. During Rob’s Jr. High years, his family spent nights sleeping in the back of a truck. One day, the Christianson family invited them into their home and offered to have Rob’s family stay there for the holidays.

Now, Rob Adams is paying it forward and is the founder of a non-profit known as Thanksgiving Heroes. His non-profit finds struggling families and provides them with a Thanksgiving meal.

Rob Adams tells us, “If you think about those kids, while we’re sitting around enjoying the best meal of the year that they don’t have anything on their plate, it’s unacceptable.”

People like 11-year-old Chloe nominated her own family for a Thanksgiving meal.  Her letter reads, “My mom and dad both work hard to support us, and after paying our rent and basic utilities, sometimes we only have $75 left for food. As a family, it’s been like seven or eight years since we celebrated Thanksgiving.”

Their goal is simply no hungry kids during Thanksgiving.  Last year alone, Thanksgiving Heroes fed 1,200 people.

Volunteer Brandon Brady explains, “One thing I love about Thanksgiving Heroes is it provides you a platform to come and be a part of the fun part of a charity.”

When the volunteers deliver the food to the struggling families, they’re instructed to give the following response — “Somebody in the community must love you a lot because they want to make sure that you have a Thanksgiving dinner.”

Thanksgiving Heroes’ big delivery day is this Saturday, November 23rd.

“The magic of this charity isn’t the families that get fed.  It’s the families that get to do the feeding,” Rob Adams explains.

Those that want to help can donate money or volunteer on their big delivery day to sort food and deliver to the families in need.

To donate your money, visit

To sign up to volunteer for the big day, visit

To nominate a family in need, visit

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