Utahns celebrate Veterans Day


OREM — At 11 am during the year 1918 marked the official end of WWI and started what was known as Armistice Day.  Today, November 11, it’s known as Veterans Day — a day assigned to honor those who have served their country.

For 15 years, the city of Orem has hosted a celebration of veterans at the Scera Center for the Arts.  This weekend Miss Orem, Utah Pipe Band, Mountain View High School Chamber Choir and BYU’s Air Force ROTC performed at the celebration.  Guest speakers Andrew Wilson, Miss Outstanding Teen, Mayor Brunst and Barrey Mclarren also gave their respects.  People of all ages were able to honor veterans.

Bradley G. Prescott served in the Vietnam war and continues to serve his country as he volunteers his efforts to the American Legion.

“I think you’ll find that veterans you serve with become life-long friends, probably more than other people you run into,” said Prescott.

Vernon Stout, a member of the Freedom Vehicle Association wants to do his part to teach patriotism to the younger generation.  Their non-profit group restores war materials and hopes to one day open Victory Park USA.

Schools don’t have Veterans Day off, which has veterans worry that people forget to celebrate Veterans Day.

Stout said, “I realized that a lot of people didn’t have a clue as to what was happening and the sacrifice that was really happening out there by our soldiers, by our veterans.”

One simple way to celebrate Veterans Day is to write a letter or personally thank a veteran for their service.

Stout said, “We need to make sure the veterans know that we appreciate their sacrifice.”

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