PROVO — Adrian Jenkins, affectionately known by his Twitter handle, ‘Big Uncle Pooh’ to his BYU tailgating community, has been tailgating for eight years.

“Some people we had met on Twitter and then started tailgating with them, and then other people I met in a parking lot and then followed them on Twitter later on,” says Jenkins.

That’s right, this group of families met on Twitter and now have become family to each other, all because of food and football.

“I have just met some of the best people, so generous and so kind,” says tailgater, Jesi Fiso.

This Twitter tailgating group has become so well known online that special visitors sometimes stop by to eat some of Big Uncle Pooh’s famous food.

“There is always Uncle Pooh and his group that are here for tailgate and they are the originals…the OG,” says Tom Holmoe, BYU Athletic Director.
“I heard that I couldn’t miss the burgers tonight, so I came by.”

While Uncle Pooh welcomes everyone to his tailgates saying that very few times people will come and never show up again, just know that this group means serious tailgating business.

“So, we will show up at 7. We will set up the TV so we can watch Gameday, kinda get our tables and awnings set up in a row and and then we will start cooking breakfast, and after breakfast we will just watch football all day, and during football we will just cook,” says Jenkins.

So, if you are ever looking for something to do on a Saturday, take to Twitter and find Big Uncle Pooh, and you can count on him and his crew to take you in as one of their own.

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