Utah, BYU ROTC run football 50 miles for Holy War

Members of BYU’s ROTC pose for a photo at LaVell Edwards Stadium before they begin their 27-mile run to the Point of the Mountain on Nov. 24. (Spencer Yates)

Reserve Officer Training Corps from the University of Utah and BYU ran a football 50 miles from Provo to Salt Lake City in honor of the Utah-BYU football game on Saturday, Nov. 24. The tradition has taken place for many years whenever the school’s football teams play each other, BYU senior Cadet Spencer Allen said.

“I think it’s a good opportunity to promote sportsmanship and kind of a connection between University of Utah and BYU communities. I also think it’s a great way to shine some light on the ROTC programs at their respective schools,” Allen said.

BYU and University of Utah cadets split the 50 miles, exchanging the ball at the Point of the Mountain in Lehi. Each member of BYU’s ROTC ran varying lengths of the 27 miles to the Point of the Mountain, where the University of Utah cadets ran the football the rest of the way to their school’s campus, BYU senior Cadet Logan Yates said.

Yates said this was his first year running the football. He will also accompany the team onto the field with other BYU ROTC members for the opening coin toss.

BYU ROTC members run through the snow while holding the football they will pass to University of Utah ROTC members waiting for them. (Spencer Yates)

“It’s always nice to build some awareness in the community as to the ROTC programs in Utah. Especially since I feel like everybody kind of knows about ROTC but it’s still kind of a mystery,” Yates said.

Most cadets, like University of Utah senior Cadet Rachel Wedge, volunteered for the event. Wedge said five teams of two people ran the football the rest of the 50 miles from the Point of the Mountain to University of Utah’s campus. Wedge said many of the volunteers run consistently and needed little preparation for the event.

“I think it’s a cool opportunity and it’s just a fun way to get our name out there for ROTC,” Wedge said.

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